Configuring OCR in OpenKM

A nice feature of OpenKM is the OCR of documents. With this not only the manually added metadata of a document but also the contents of the documen ts themselves can be searched. The quality of the search depends on the indexed content, so the better the quality of the scanned documents, pictures etc. the better is the search result.

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Configuring preview in OpenKM

After having OpenKM up and running it is time now for configuring the preview stuff. For preview of different types of documents (PDF, images, office documents) we need different tools.

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Setup OpenKM as automatic starting service

In part 1 we did the basic installation and first start of OpenKM. Right now OpenKM is working but only until  we hit eg. CTRL + C or restart the ODROID. This is not really what we want it to be, so we will add a user under which the service will run and scripts for automatic starting of OpenKM on system start.

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Installation and first start of OpenKM

As OpenKM is a Java application, we first need to install it as prerequisite. As OpenKM only is tested with the Oracle Java version, we install that one.
It is not included in the default repositories. So we first need to add an additional repository:
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OpenKM – a DMS for private use

Since my early tries with setting up a home server, one of my ideas was to have a document management system for private use. Paperwork is one of the most boring things man can have to do at home. If it is just about filing the documents you receive, then it is not really a problem. The challenging part
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Basic installation and setup of Ubuntu 14.04. LTS server on ODROID U3

The ODROID is a pocket sized mini computer like a Pi but a bit more powerful so that it can be used for the same things like the Pi and even more resource consuming projects (which was the reason why i bought it). With the original which can be bought from the manufacturer it looks like this:

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Basic setup of VServer

To play around a bit i choose to rent a VServer. Here’s about the basic setup: Read more of this post