Ubuntu Home Server – Overview

As mentioned ages ago, I wanted to set up a home server. This post will give a short overview about the desired features and plans.

I will publish a series of posts about setting up the server, settings and services. At the moment, the series consists of:

As the original plan was not working, I needed to get a bit of new hardware (and I hope it will be enough to fullfil the needs).

The hardware that is used for the server consist of:

  • Mainboard Intel D945GCLF2
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 4 GB USB flash drive using cf-ide cardreader with 4 GB CF instead
  • LC-1320MI case
  • 160 GB Excelstor IDE-HDD (I think this will be replaced with a bigger one soon, but I had it lying around here and for the tests, it should be enough) 1 TB hdd
  • Toshiba DVD-ROM (only for installation, afterwards removed) using usb pen drive for install instead

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