Ubuntu Home Server – Part 1: Basic Install

The first step to set up the server is to do a basic installation of a Ubuntu server. It is more or less the default installation process, so nothing interesting here (it is just to reflect…).

This is done with the following steps:

  • Boot from the installation CD. I am using Ubuntu Server 9.10 64 bit
  • Boot from pendrive. I am using Ubuntu Server 10.10 32bit as 64bit version did not install from pendrive
  • Boot from pendrive. I am using Ubuntu Server 11.04 64bit
  • Select the installation Language (English)
  • Choose “Install Ubuntu Server”
  • Choose the language for target system (English)
  • Choose country (Germany)
  • Configure Network (Manual)
  • Configure hostname
  • Configure Domain name
  • Partition disks:
    • As I have special wishes, I choose “Manual” here.
    • Choose the free space and hit Enter
    • Select “Create a new partition”
    • Type “max” and hit Enter
    • Select “Primary” and hit Enter
    • I use the default settings here, so I select “Done setting up the partition” and hit Enter
    • Select “Finish partitioning and write changes to disk”
    • As I did not create a swap partition, there shows up an info about that and the question “Do you want to return to the patitioning menu?”. I did not create one because I want to reduce write cycles to extend the life of the drive. So it is ok for me and I choose “No” here and write the changes to disc. After writing the changes, the drive gets formated.
  • The system now starts installing the base system.

  • The next step is to set up an user account. First enter the full name of the user.
  • Enter the account name (USERLOGINNAME)
  • Enter the password
  • Reenter the password
  • Don’t encrypt the home directory
  • Enter the proxy information (leave empty)
  • As I don’t want to care about the system too much when it is up and running (soon I hope ;-)) I choose to “Install security updates automatically”

After installing some stuff, we reach the screen with the software selection. I select nothing here.

The system installs the packages based on your selection now, which eventually may take a while. After that, the system installation is done and the system has to be restarted. Finally i install acpi and acpid to enable server shutdown via the power button.

sudo apt-get install acpi acpid


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