Basic installation and setup of Ubuntu 14.04. LTS server on ODROID U3

The ODROID is a pocket sized mini computer like a Pi but a bit more powerful so that it can be used for the same things like the Pi and even more resource consuming projects (which was the reason why i bought it). With the original which can be bought from the manufacturer it looks like this:

It is capable of running Android or Linux and for its’ planned use as a home server for different kinds of task I choose Ubuntu server LTS. This article is about the basic installation of Ubuntu server on the ODROID.

First we have to download and extract the image:

Download and extract it e.g. with

7zip e ubuntu-14.04lts-server-odroid-u-20140604.img.xz

Dump image to microSD card (in my case TARGETDEVICE is /dev/mmcblk0, replace it with yours):

sudo dd bs=1M if=ubuntu-14.04lts-server-odroid-u-20140604.img of=TARGETDEVICE

Remove microSD from card reader and put it in to the ODROID’s card slot.

Connect network and power supply and boot it.

If you don’t know it, you can find out the IP address of the ODROID e.g. via your router’s settings or via nmap:

nmap -sn

which will result in a list of devices with IPs ( has to be replaced with your subnet).

Login via ssh(preinstalled):

ssh root@SERVERIP

where SERVERIP is the IP just found out in the previous step.

Resize root filesystem to use the whole microSD card (via odroid-utility)



Exit and reboot


Change host name





Exit and reboot


If everything went fine, basic setup is completed now.


One Response to Basic installation and setup of Ubuntu 14.04. LTS server on ODROID U3

  1. rickyjames says:

    Thanks for this, very helpful in getting started with a U3 I am using as a learning platform!!!

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