OpenKM – a DMS for private use

Since my early tries with setting up a home server, one of my ideas was to have a document management system for private use. Paperwork is one of the most boring things man can have to do at home. If it is just about filing the documents you receive, then it is not really a problem. The challenging part

is to find the right documents if you need them again (and most of them you will probably never need again). For this reason i was thinking about the installation of a DMS for private use.

As there are a lot of systems around, I first had to do a lot of research about the different systems comapring the features.

My requirements were (among a lot of others):

  • different OSs on clients
  • Linux server
  • few users
  • their documents
  • preview of documents
  • search
  • OCR of documents
  • Open source

The decision finally fell on OpenKM because it seemed to be almost the only product which could fullfil my requirements.

I will write a small tutorial about setting up the system on my ODROID with the following chapters:

  1. Installation and first start of OpenKM
  2. Setup OpenKM as service
  3. Configuring preview
  4. Configuring OCR
  5. Setup of backup and restore (eventually)

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