How to set up Wake On LAN on ubuntu home server

I am thinking about setting up a home server, which could be used as file, print, web and whatsoever server, I was playing around for some time with a NAS device. The problem was, that it didn’t really satisfy my needs. One reason was that it was too loud. Another reason was, that the hardware had not enough power to do the things I wanted.

I took some old hardware, which was much more powerful than the NAS device to try if that could eventually fullfill my requirements. But as that hardware consumes more energy and home servers are often idle most of the day (at least in my case), the first feature I want the box to be capable of, is to support Wake On LAN. So it would be possible for me to put the box somewhere where I don’t need to have physical access to and just start it when I really need it and shut it down afterwards. That would be better for the environment and for my wallet, too.

Here’s how I managed it: Read more of this post